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[sticky post][XS]Shimmer-ver Conlang Info and Master Post

Creator: A. Shook (hitagashi)

Amount of Time for Creation: Currently at 3 months

Still in development?: Y / N

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03 January 2013 20:56 | Started this community and the above shiny shiny post.
31 January 2013 17:13 | Began posts for each and every language, made this a sticky.

Ancient Defellan Master Post | ....

Ancient Defellan: Explanations as to Why There Are No Male Forms

Single gendered species are fun!Collapse )

Ancient Defellan: Sentence Structure and Writing
Sentence Structure and Writing

No seriously, this is getting ridiculous.Collapse )

Ancient Defellan: Who Used the Language and Why It Fell Away
Who Used the Language and Why It Fell Away

Below the read more.Collapse )

Ancient Defellan Master Post
The dictionary will be hosted on other posts but this is for basic things such as grammar and such. This is essentially what could be seen as a sticky for this but isn't the main things. Anyway, this is MOSTLY NOT DONE. Will update with links as these posts are made.

Grammar and Need to Know:
Who Used the Language and Why It Fell Away
Sentence Structure and Writing
Phonemics and Romanization | Stress
Explanations as to Why There Are No Male Forms
Pronouns | Emotions | Verbs | Emotional Verbs | Differences Between the Three Verb Forms
Adverbs | Adjectives
Direct Objects | Indirect Objects | Objects of Unknown Specifications
Prepositions | Pluralizations | Tensing
Why Ancient Defellan Lacks: Articles | Conjunctions | Passive Voice | Question Words
Numbers | How to Use Numbers | Deconstruction of Numbers and Use of Binary
Lying and Why It DOES NOT Happen | Why There is NO Wordplay

Core Dictionary:
People | Animals | Titles | Family (and Dynamics)
Colors | Shapes
Temperatures | Time | Weather | The Seasons
Directions | Different Words for Water

Extended Dictionary:
This will not be added until the above entries are made and established.

Conlang Requests
This will be an open post. Please, place requests here if you want them. I'll be posting dictionary entries by letter once I get all the rules figured out. This is also where I will post specific phrases that are requested. Words will go into their own area.

Request format:

Subject Line: Word and/or Phrase
Comment: What word or phrase you want here.

One example of each will be posted below. When I figure out everything, I'll post them in their proper place.